On 15 April 2021, 50,000 series A bearer bonds with a nominal value of PLN 1000 thousand each were put on the market. The bonds redemption date is 18 December 2023. The issuance agent is Bank Pekao S.A.
The 3-year bonds were issued as part of a five-year programme of up to PLN 150 million. The funds acquired from the bonds issue are used for the development of the Anwim Group, with a particular focus on the development of the MOYA chain of filling stations.

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2nd interest period Tabela odsetkowa B 171224 II okres odsetkowy Download
VI okres odsetkowy Tabela odsetkowa A 181223 VI okres odsetkowy Download
1st interest period Tabela odsetkowa Anwim B 171224 I okres odsetkowy Download
V okres odsetkowy Tabela odsetkowa Anwim A 181223 V okres odsetkowy Download
4th interest period Interest Table Anwim A 181223 4th interest period Download
3rd interest period Interest Table Anwim A 181223 3rd interest period Download
2nd interest period Interest Table Anwim A 181223 2nd interest period Download
1st interest period Interest Table Anwim A 181223 1st interest period Download
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