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Anwim S.A. is a place with energetic people who love taking on challenges. Talent and passion are combined with ambitions every day so that we could excel and reach higher.

The members of our teams are people fascinated with power engineering, business and modern technologies. The company's extensive operations allow our people to develop their strengths in many areas: from transport (drivers) to logistics, marketing, sales, finance, IT, business expansion to HR.
Anwim S.A. is an modern company that works energetically and enthusiastically to expand Poland's largest independent chain of filling stations, MOYA. By joining our team, you will be able to contribute your strengths to innovative projects, to develop your skills and to gain work experience at a company that is never fearful of challenges.

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Do you like Anwim S.A. and what we do? You do? That's wonderful! View our vacancies and apply for work! Perhaps it is you we need on our team.

If you are ready to gain work experience and develop your skills, tell us more about yourself and show us your motivation. We offer job stability and an wide array of benefits. Find out if you can join us to build the strength of the MOYA brand and to continue expanding Anwim S.A.

Work experience placements 
and traineeships

Why not make Anwim your first employer? We offer work experience placements, traineeships, educational programmes and mentoring schemes. Apply for an opportunity of your choice!

Would you like to make a change in your life, but you don't know what to begin with? Are you interested in marketing and communications? Is the digital world where you are in your element? Would you consider a career at a company like Anwim? We will be happy to introduce you to our processes, activities and projects. Join us!

Discover our recruitment process!

Read the description of the position and our terms carefully. Make sure to read the formal requirements in the advertisement. We will only be able to consider your application if you meet the formal requirements.

When we invite to an interview, it will be attended by a member of our HR personnel to coordinate the process and the manager of the team or department you wish to join. You may even meet your future manager at this step in the process!
We like telling people what we do in our daily work. If you would like to learn more about Anwim and the MOYA chain of filling stations, follow us on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.

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Fill in the application form and attach your CV and cover letter in PDF format.
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  • Step 3
Review of documents

We will first review applications against the key skills required in the position applied for. The candidates who best meet our formal requirements will be invited to meetings.

We will invite candidates to our Warsaw office, although online interviews are also an option. We will try to keep our meetings friendly. We will ask you to tell us about your career so far, what matters to you and what you expect from us as your employer. Depending on the nature of the position you are interested in, the interview may be split into a few parts. We will tell you during our first meeting how many steps your interview will have.
Feedback and a job offer

Whether or not you are invited to the next stage in the recruitment process, you will be provided with feedback. When the recruitment process is completed, the successful candidate, i.e. the one that best meets our formal requirements, will be offered a job. If that person is you, you will be offered our terms of employment and, if you accept them, we will agree on your first day with us and plan your induction process.

What our people say

"Working for Anwim S.A is an opportunity for me to keep exploring the marketing world. I think that the chain's present marketing strategy is effective and helps the company to grow. The filling station and retail market is a highly competitive environment. What matters most to me is people, both the consumers we are targeting and my colleagues."

– Monika Ostaszewska, Marketing Manager, Marketing & PR Team
"It is a challenge to manage communications for such a fast growing company. At the end of the day, it is always the people and the atmosphere at work that count, and Anwim is where I have found the best team and a wonderful work atmosphere. Every day I can put creative ideas to work, learn new things and build communications for MOYA, one of the most interesting brands in Poland."

– Małgorzata Piekarska, Chief Specialist for PR and Communications
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