Fuels offered by Anwim S.A.

Anwim S.A. offers top-quality fuels that meet all the standards that apply in Poland.

We draw on our long-term business relationships with Polish refineries as well as suppliers based outside Poland to offer attractive commercial terms, including individually negotiated discounts, to our customers.

Our strengths include a large number of conveniently located fuel depots and a fleet of modern vehicles. We will be happy to talk business with you. Tell us what you expect and we will prepare a solution suited to your requirements.
Fuel wholesalers are most welcome!
It is our policy to treat each individual customer uniquely and to make sure that what we offer them is what they need. Contact our sales team! Our sales personnel are available for meetings to discuss discounts, payment deadlines, delivery lead times and many other important aspects of our potential business relationship.

If you would like us to contact you, please send us a short message by email to One of our sales representatives will contact you shortly.

Heating oil
Ekoterm Plus

Anwim is an authorised distributor of the Ekoterm Plus heating oil, manufactured by PKN Orlen.

With tens of modern tankers in our fleet, we have the capacity to deliver even 38 thousand litres of fuel at a time.
The Ekoterm heating oil is a modern heating fuel. It is used in home heating boilers, steam boilers, industrial furnaces and process furnaces. It is the ideal source of heating energy for all those premises where natural gas is not available.


Competitive prices
You can enjoy individually negotiated discounts depending on the method of payment and the quantity of fuel you need. If you are ready to collect your fuel and/or heating oil using your own tankers, we will give you attractive discounts (on the prices charged by PKN Orlen).
Short delivery times
The standard delivery time is 24 hours. With our modern fleet of tankers and perfectly organised work processes, we are able to keep our delivery deadlines.
Modern vehicles
Anwim operates a fleet of modern tankers with capacities ranging from 18,000 to 38,000 litres. A standard feature of each tanker in the fleet is a flow meter and a GPS tracking device. Most of the tankers are equipped with pumps for unloading fuel directly into above-ground tanks.
Professional customer service
We have a fully professional sales team. The specialists in the team are available to our customers. They are ready to provide you with whatever information you may need about prices, delivery dates and technical matters.
Anwim S.A. is an authorised distributor of the Ekoterm Plus heating oil, manufactured by
Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A. (or PKN Orlen). This is confirmed by our authorisation certificate.

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Authorisation Certificate: Anwim S.A. as an Authorised Distributor of the Ekoterm Plus heating oil
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