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Anwim S. A. is one of the largest independent companies in Poland's fuel industry and the operator of the MOYA brand, a fast growing chain of filling stations.

We draw on our experience, professionalism and management efficiency to operate successfully as a nationwide wholesaler and distributor of fuels in Poland. Anwim S. A. is also the owner of the MOYA chain of filling stations located throughout Poland. All our filling stations operate according to the highest customer service and quality standards. The MOYA brand is a network of modern and practical filling stations with convenience stores. The majority of MOYA filling stations operate Caffe MOYA café and foodservice areas.
One of Anwim's greatest strengths is its reliable purchasing system with access to the entire logistics infrastructure of fuel suppliers based in Poland. Our purchasing processes and well-designed, modern strategy allow us to cater for the needs of our customers comprehensively.

Currently, we have more than 700 regular business customers! We have been trusted by both big market players (large multinational companies with operations in Poland) and small customers: filling station operators, transport companies, manufacturers and processing plants.

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21.09.2021 r.
MOYA: No more theory!
9.09.2021 r.
MOYA wants its filling stations to be eco-friendly.
21.07.2021 r.
The seventh MOYA filling station was opened in Łódź.
18.10.2021 r.
Andrzej Kondys will join the management board of Anwim S.A.
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