MOYA: Blood matters!

Blood donation centres have become a regular part of the CSR policy of the MOYA chain of filling stations and their popularity is growing. The owners, franchisees, employees and customers of our filling stations take an active part in activities that aim to help other people.
Every day blood donation and haemotherapy centres have to struggle with limited blood supplies. Limited blood supplies are a serious problem during the Covid-19 pandemic. Donating blood is safe and carries no risk to the donor's health or life. Blood supplies are vital in medical emergency situations, including haemorrhage and life-saving surgery. Blood is also used in the treatment of anaemia, which affects cancer patients.
We have already run several MOYA: Blood matters! events at the MOYA red and blue filling stations. Blood has been collected in Całowanie near Warsaw, Zator and Siemianowice Śląskie, and all these events were very successful. Tens of litres of blood were collected and delivered to people in need.
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