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The MOYA Firma fuel card is the perfect choice for fleets of all sizes and with any fuel quantity requirements.

These cards are accepted by all the 350 filling stations in the MOYA chain, including 20 automated filling stations located on the main roads in Poland (these can be used by fleet customers only).
MOYA Firma fuel card holders can use a special mobile application. It was designed to facilitate fleet management and to help drivers make quick payments at MOYA stations. Transactions made using these cards are secure to a high standard, as each registered card holder is authenticated individually and all the security features offered by smart phones (such as fingerprint readers) are available.

What are the benefits of the MOYA Firma fleet card?


Enjoy discounts on fuel prices, with no hidden fees or charges.


Getting one invoice for several transactions and using a mobile app to make payments are only two examples of how things can be made easier with the MOYA Firma fleet card.


A dedicated 24/7 helpline for fleet customers and well-trained station personnel are there to make you feel secure.


With more than 350 MOYA filling stations, including 20 locations for fleet customers only, your MOYA station is just where you need it!


Your fuel limit will be updated within a few minutes from the time you make a payment by bank transfer.

Refuel your car at 
a discount!

Register your company with the MOYA Firma scheme and enjoy attractive fuel prices at all MOYA stations. Contact one of our consultants for the best business terms! 

MOYA Firma mobile application

Use the MOYA Firma application on your phone for easy access to all the benefits of your membership of the MOYA Firma scheme, wherever you are and whenever you want.
What are the benefits of the application for fleet owners?
  • View your balance of funds in real time for better control of your business expenses and easier transactions.
  • Manage your money efficiently. Use quick bank transfers to pay your invoices.
  • View your transactions for any period of time.
  • Manage your driver tachograph cards.
  • Enjoy a high level of security.
    What are the benefits of the application for drivers?
  • Make payments at MOYA filling stations without having to use the MOYA Firma card.
  • Buy all the fuels available at your station as well as the AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid and windscreen washer fluid available with your card.
  • Use satellite navigation and a map of MOYA filling stations.
  • Enjoy fast customer service at MOYA stations.
  • Make payments without having to carry your MOYA Firma card with you.

Scan the QR code and download the application.

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