It is our policy to follow our values: responsibility, ambition, development, people, cooperation, energy and responsibility in all our sponsorship projects, and we adhere to these values every day.
The sponsorship activities of Anwim S.A., the owner of the MOYA chain of filling stations, are based on the company's sponsorship policy that is part of its marketing plan.  

All our sponsorship activities are transparent and designed to deliver benefits for both the sponsor (Anwim S.A.) and the recipients of sponsorship (sponsees). Anwim S.A.'s sponsorship arrangements are based on agreements which precisely define the terms of the sponsorship project, including the rights and obligations of the parties.
In return for their promotional and/or advertising work for the MOYA brand (with the aim of building a positive image of the MOYA chain of filling stations, positioning and presenting the MOYA logo or other trademarks, increasing the prestige of the sponsor's brand), sponsees are offered financial support to pay all or part of the costs of organising and implementing the sponsored projects.

To apply for sponsorship, you will need 
the following documents:

Publication date
File name
1.10.2021 r.
Application for Sports Sponsorship
1.10.2021 r.
Application for Event/Project Sponsorship
1.10.2021 r.
Sponsorship Report

Projects and activities supported by Anwim S.A.

E.Leclerc MOYA Radomka Radom

The MOYA chain of filling stations is the title sponsor of the Radomka Radom women's volleyball club. We are proud to support this successful, thriving team of players ambitious to improve their performance.


The MOYA chain of filling stations has created an amazing place on the premises of the amusement park. It is called the MOYA Formula Zone. The highlight of the zone is the MOYA Formula Roller Coaster. Visitors to the zone can also enjoy a traditional autodrome and a planetarium.

VICTORIA Football Academy

Anwim S.A. supports Moja Fundacja, a foundation in the city of Jelenia Góra. We work together to create opportunities for all children to practise football regardless of their financial status, family background or place of residence.

Dominika Baćmaga

Dominika Baćmaga is the winner of the Poland and the young European 4 x 400 relay championship. Just under 26, she achieved the minimum qualifying results and qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

MOYA Racing Team

This is an amateur cycling team led by Robert Rusek, Anwim S.A.'s tanker driver. Whenever the MOYA Racing Team take to the roads, they are successful!

Jędrzej Żuralski

Jędrzej represents us in motor sport events. He has stood on the podium in the Supermoto competition many times before. The MOYA brand supports him, as we believe he will win the first prize many times in the future.
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