Fuel transport operations

Anwim S.A. has a fleet of vehicles for carrying hazardous substances, particularly liquid fuels.

The Company works with international fuel producers, institutional customers and consumers in its fuel trading business. Anwim S.A.'s coordinators work on a 24h basis and use an advanced communication system to ensure that our supply chain works smoothly. Anwim S.A. regularly adds modern vehicles to its fleet. Currently, the fleet consists of about 50 tankers with capacities ranging from 18,000 to 38,000 litres, as well as vehicles for carrying gas in cylinders.

Anwim S.A.'s fleet is made up of Mercedes, MAN and Volvo tractor and chassis units, as well as Stokota and LAG semi-trailers and chassis-mounted tanks.
Anwim's tankers meet the highest European safety and environmental protection standards. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS devices for tracking the positions of all vehicles or to identify their routes and parking locations. Our fuel tankers are equipped with electronic measuring devices supplied by Haar, Smith-Hactronic or Sening and approved by the Polish Central Office of Measures (Główny Urząd Miar). All the measuring devices are designed to offset the volume of products to the temperature of 15°C.
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