Anwim S.A. is Poland's fastest growing fuel company and
the owner of the MOYA chain of filling stations.

Anwim S. A. is one of the largest independent companies in Poland's fuel industry and the operator of the MOYA brand, a fast growing chain of filling stations.

We draw on our experience, professionalism and management efficiency to operate successfully as a nationwide wholesaler and distributor of fuels in Poland. Anwim S. A. is the operator of the MOYA brand, a fast growing chain of filling stations. All our filling stations operate according to the highest customer service and quality standards. The MOYA brand means modern and practical filling stations with convenience stores. The majority of MOYA filling stations operate Caffe MOYA café and foodservice areas.
One of Anwim's greatest strengths is its reliable purchasing system with access to the entire logistics infrastructure of fuel suppliers based in Poland. Our purchasing processes and well-designed, modern strategy allow us to cater for the needs of our customers comprehensively.

Currently, we have more than 700 regular business customers! We have been trusted by both big market players (large multinational companies with operations in Poland) and small customers: filling station operators, transport companies, manufacturers and processing plants.

History of the Anwim Group

Anwim S.A. is founded
A chain of MOYA filling stations is established
The MOYA Firma fuel card is launched
The MOYA Energia energy drink finds its way to customers
The ON MOYA Power premium diesel is first offered at MOYA filling stations
Anwim S.A. merges with ESPPOL S.A., a heating oil trading company, which also offered a comprehensive range of tyre repair and replacement services
Polish Enterprise Funds SCA invests in a project to expand the MOYA chain of filling stations
ESPPOL Trade S.A. is founded
Anwim S.A. issues its corporate bonds
Anwim S.A.'s shareholding structure is changed
Anwim S.A. takes over the eMILA self-service filling stations and develops MOYA express, a new trading format

Our mission

The fuels we source drive
our customers to take action. 

Our vision

We aspire to be recommended as a reliable business partner by our customers and employees through what we sell and what we do to serve our customers well and build quality relations with them. The Anwim Group is a strong, thriving and independent group of companies in Poland's fuel sector.

Our values

Social responsibility

We draw on the potential of Anwim S.A. and our people to help build a strong society.


We support our people and respect the differences between them. Our customers and suppliers are the focus of our attention.


We develop our relations to build teams and work with others towards our shared goals.


We are passionate about what we do and this allows us to go beyond our limits.


The choices we make and the things we do at the Anwim Group make sense. We make them or do them always for a reason and never for show.

Anwim in numbers

29 lat
of business experience
in the fuel industry 
filling stations 
MOYA filling stations 
owned by Anwim
people employed
by Anwim S.A.

Management Board

Rafał Pietrasina 
President of the Management Board of Anwim S.A.

Rafał Pietrasina heads the management board of Anwim S.A. He has been working in the fuel industry since 1997, when he became the manager of Esppol's branch in the Silesia region of Poland.

Paweł Grzywaczewski

Member of the Management Board of Anwim S.A.

Paweł Grzywaczewski is the brains behind the MOYA filling station brand. On a daily basis, he is responsible for setting the direction for the expansion of the MOYA network and oversees all the teams that work to make the brand stronger.

Andrzej Kondys

Member of the Management Board of Anwim S.A.

Andrzej Kondys has considerable experience of working in the FCMG and fuel industries. As Anwim's director of operations, he is responsible for developing the company's stores and its Caffe MOYA concept, purchasing and marketing functions.

Artur Krzyk

Member of the Management Board of Anwim S.A.

Artur Krzyk has many years of managerial experience in the fuel industry. At Anwim S.A., he serves as the Director of Operations for imports. He is responsible for the development of the company's import activities of fuels and biofuels.

Zbigniew Łapiński

Member of the Management Board of Anwim S.A.

Zbigniew Łapiński is responsible for Anwim S.A's fuel purchasing, fuel transport and fuel logistics, as well as for sales to Anwim's key customers. He heads the management board of ESPPOL Trade S.A. and is a member of the management board of Anwim S.A.

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